People find pleasure in different ways. I find it in keeping my mind clear.

- Marcus Aurelius

Profile Information

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  • Name: Rudiyanto
  • Place of Birth: Tangerang
  • Date of Birth: Febuary 14th, 1997
  • Nationality: Indonesian


Undergraduate from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, majoring Informatics Engineering (class of 2014-2018)

About Me

I am an experienced software engineer that currently focusing on mobile application development. I have been working on various industry, starting from software house to a multi-billion e-commerce company.

I am skilled in various mobile application development technology such as: Android development (Java & Kotlin), React Native and Nativescript, and other tools that support me on software development including: Code versioning with git and Scrum

In my spare time, I usually spend my time playing games, playing badminton, read engineering or tech blog and do some personal project. Lately i also start to practice my writing skill so that i can write my article too someday in the future.

Currently working as a Software Engineer for Android apps in Core User squad at Bukalapak.

Work Experiences

  • Software Engineer - Android Apps (Bukalapak)
    December 2018 - Present
    Building features on Bukalapak apps, one of Indonesia's unicorn startup, to ensure user safety and good shopping experience.
  • Front-end Developer (PT. Inovasi Dunia Kreasi (skydreem))
    September 2017 - July 2018
    Building apps using various technology stack, mostly building web app and mobile apps.
  • IT Development (Ultimagz)
    September 2015 - December 2017
    Building mobile apps and maintaining website for Ultimagz
  • Software Engineer Intern (Traveloka)
    June 2017 - September 2017
    Work closely with marketing team to build backend service in traveloka, one of Indonesia's unicorn startup.


Here are some of my notable works from where i work

Login Revamp
Login Revamp

Bukalapak - User Safety

Device history log
Device history log

Bukalapak - Core User

GBI Rayon 17 Apps
GBI Rayon 17 Apps

Freelance project


While focusing my skill-set to android development, i also do some project on my free time to expand my knowledge and perspective. Below are the list of tools/tech that i already comfortable with.

  1. Version control (Git)
  2. Java (Android)
  3. Kotlin (Android)
  4. Mobile development using React Native
  1. Javascript (ES6, Nodejs)
  2. Laravel
  3. PHP
  4. Database (Mysql, MongoDB)